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Dutch Water Limited is a perfect way of providing development aid, namely through a healthy economic activity. Furthermore, it is also a great example of modern CSR: a commitment to “profit” (which is reinvested in Kenya) combined with full attention on “people” (good health by way of clean drinking water; work opportunities; development possibilities) and “planet” (deposit system jerricans).


Logo Stichting WaterpasThe company also maintains a close relation with Waterpas Foundation. The goal of Waterpas foundation is to provide healthy purified drinking water to children in schools, orphanages and hospitals in and around Mombasa, children who otherwise would have to do without healthy drinking water.

Healthy drinking water is the first basic requirement for every person, but unfortunately it isn’t readily available to everyone. With clean drinking water children can grow up healthily and thus perform better at school, providing them with the best chance possible in building their future.

Waterpas Foundation is grateful for all friends: individuals, companies, schools, churches, networking clubs, foundations and even sport teams have supported Kenyan children with healthy purified drinking water. If you are interested in joining the Waterpas Foundation by donation, please feel free to contact DWL for further information or send an email to info@stichtingwaterpas.nl.

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