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Dispenser DWL

DWL 18.9L dispenser bottle
DWL 18.9L dispenser bottle

DWL does not sell our dispenser bottle at the depots. All dispenser-related sales are carried out from the office in Mtwapa.
The deposit system also applies for dispenser bottles.

Where can I buy Dutch Water dispenser bottles?

  • From 0-5 bottles per order, please buy at the DWL factory shop in Mtwapa.
  • From 5 and above per order please call the office number for delivery of the water to where you are (within Mombasa Island only) or fill in the order form that you will find on this page.
  • A few supermarkets are also stocking DWL dispenser water. Find one close to you.

How can I buy Dutch Water dispenser bottles?

  • First pay a refundable (80%) deposit for an empty dispenser bottle at a standard price.
  • Pay for water (content 10 litres)
  • For office supply and big companies supply, please call the office for more information.

How can I sell Dutch Water dispenser bottles?

  • Dispenser bottles are sold to selected outlets only. For more information please call the office (See contacts) or complete the contactform

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