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DWL 10L. jerrican

DWL works with a deposit system. This means you pay for a refundable deposit as a safe keep for the Jerrican that you will be using for refill every time you buy water.

Where can I buy Dutch Water?

  • Dutch water is available in a majority of the local shops within Mombasa and its environs.
  • See information also on the depots and find a salesperson near you.

How can I buy a Jerri can of Dutch Water?

  • As a first time buyer you first pay a refundable deposit for an empty Jerri can at a standard price in Mombasa and its environs.
  • Pay for water (content 10 litres) at Kshs .. – Kshs .. in retail within Mombasa and its environs.
  • If you already have the DWL Jerrican then all you need to do is pay for the water at a salesperson close to you within Mombasa and its environs.

How can I sell Dutch Water?

  • Call the depot that is nearest to you (find info on all the depot contacts) and place your order.
  • The water is then delivered to your shop by DWL free of charge if you are in Mombasa and its environs.
  • Pay deposit for the empty Jerri cans at the standard and get the quantity you need (if you are a first time customer).
  •  ( If you are not a first time customer this will be a refill).

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