Dutch Water. For all people, all places and all the time!

Dutch Water Limited (DWL) is founded by two companies: Hatenboer Water and Reikon Beheer B.V.. Both companies are based in Holland; a country below sea level that has been fighting water for centuries now. Holland is rich in water and is well-known for its expertise with regards to water management. It’s often said that water flows through the veins of the Dutch. DWL was set up after the owners visited the country on vacation and noted the dire need for pure healthy drinking water for all. They went back and extended their expertise to Kenya through DWL.

DWL aims to produce and sell affordable healthy, purified drinking water to all people.

To facilitate this, DWL has permanently employed local men and women who would otherwise not secure employment positions due to lack of qualifying school certificates.

Hatenboer Water
Reikon beheer B.V.

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